Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slacking already...

I haven't taken the time to post for a bit!
I need to be better about making the time:)
SOMETIMES I dread actually getting the pictures from my camera...TO...the blog!
Finish my faux painting
Manage to make some darling Valentine's Day Decoupage Frames
Put the final touches on Jaxson's Birthday Invites
I want to share the cutest Bridal Shower Poem that I read at my New Sister-in-laws shower!
I never thought I'd tackle something like this. I usually like to play it safe...(especially when it came to building my house)...I wanted Classy and traditional. Nothing that stampled it as "trendy" or "2009"....if you now what I mean.
My sister-in-law Kelsey talked me into giving it a whirl.
Base Color: Ralph Lauren BURLAP (except I had Kwal Howell match the color...because Kwal ROCKS). I then used a Amber colored Oil Based Glaze...wads and wads of cut up T-shirts...and Wahlah!
I truly love it. It makes the walls in my half bath, mud room area, and kitchen (above the cabinets) look more elegant I think. It adds dimension and makes them look marbled...don't ya think!
Super Easy!
You know you want to try!
Go for it...I loved the outcome...and Jarom was quit impressed!
I also found these wooden unfinished frames at Michael's and thought it was the perfect idea to whip up some cute Valentine's gifts. Print up some cute images of my little love bug and give them to grandma's! I also made a few for myself.
So easy and cheap enough to make for several holidays!
I stocked up...and am going to make some for Easter, the 4th and Christmas for sure.
I just mod podged scrapbook paper to the wood frame...sanded the edged, and used ink to darken edges to my liking. Took about an hour to make 5. Not bad at all!
I am excited to celebrate my little guy's birthday this March.
I am trying to be EXCITED instead of DEVASTATED:)
As I've mentioned's a Pirate Party!
It is fun for me, as his mom, to see him get so excited for something. He is really looking forward to it...and is always talking about it!
I put the final touches on his Invites.
In True Pirate Form...they are in a bottle!
I love how they turned out.
I designed a little invite and scrolled it up inside and filled the bottom with sparkley sand.
Finished with a Raffia bow and NOW we will be delivering them all by hand!
What have I gotten myself in to.
(Jaxson could not be more thrilled about the idea)
Invited scrolled inside!
Yes...I blocked out my address for your viewing pleasure!
5x7 invite for blog
Last but not least:
I threw a Bridal Shower a few weeks ago. I was sick of the same old shower games. Bingo, how well does the Bride know the Groom, etc. I wanted to find something cute and original. This is what I came up with...It was a hit!
I strung several panties (that fit the poem perfectly) from my mantle with clothes pins!
Also served as such a cute decoration for a added to the atmosphere and had everyone laughing and curious!
(poem below)
Bridal Shower Panty Poem
The Bridesmaids have a secret to share
About our little bride
she is ovsessed with underwear
and that we cannot hide
So for Our little panty queen
we gathered up some twine
and working as a friendly team
we made a panty line
So listen up to hear about
your lifelong panty plan
these underwear, we have no doubt
will last your whole life span
The first are for your wedding day
of course they are pure white
WE know Ryan will shout, Hooray!
When he sees you on that night
The next are for your honeymoon
They're sexy and all lace
WE hope you'll leave your hotel room
Because the Bahamas are a gorgeous place!
On Valentine's you'll wear this pair
Before you hit the bed
Cuz Cupid's arrow in the air
shoots tushies that are red
After a year has passed you'll face
anniversary nubmer one
With these you'll surely have a blast
Cuz leopard's so much fun
Then when the time is right for you
and don't be saying, "maybe"
you'll wear your little pink or blue
in honor of your baby
And when you years of wedding bliss
become the big 2-5
Don't worry-you'll just slip this on
to keep the sparks alive
When finally you're old and gray
with these you can't go wrong
'Cuz sorry Kelsey but at that age
You just can't wear a thong!
I, of course, gave her all the panties as part of her gift and a momento from the shower!
It was darling...and a lot of fun:)
My brother marries her in the SLC Temple THIS Friday. Wahoo!


  1. your faux painting turned out beautiful. just a couple questions. was ragging near the ceiling difficult..did you tape it off? and secondly, did your walls have sort of a stucco texture appearance originally. it appears so, and i'm wondering if this sort of enhances the antique look? thanks...your blog rocks...i don't know how you accomplish this you ever sleep???

  2. Hey Kristin! Your faux painting looks awesome! We need a tutorial! Please post!! Also, what colors did you use to paint Jaxson's room? It looks great! It was fun to run into the other day (week) at Hob Lob! Your blog is awesome! Thanks for all the great ideas!!


  3. oops, it should be :)

  4. Love this idea for a Bridal shower! Love the blog! Great job Kristin! You are inspiring!



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