Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faux Painting...TIPS!

I was so excited that so many people liked my FAUX PAINTING.
SO MANY e-mails...and a few nice comments. I am SO glad you liked it.
I wish I could take all the credit...but my wonderful new sister-in-law told me what to do.
She made me practice my technique and all:)
(I'm not sure it takes much technique to hit a wall as quick and fast as you can, but boy did I practice and pretend to know what I was doing?!?)
1-Yes my walls had texture PRIOR to me painting. I love textured walls...and I'm sure it helped with the whole antique look...but my texture isn't heavy so I don't think the dark spots you are seeing is becuase the glaze was in deep grooves, etc. I think the trick was the GLAZE I purchased. It was called RAW UMBER and I got it from KWAL HOWELL. The key is getting an oil-based glaze...and mixing it with a pint of pentonol (to avoid streaking) and paint thinner (so it goes on lighter and thinner).
2-Faux painting near the ceiling sucks. It's true. I taped it of (or kelsey, my patient helper, did) and she taped it off very very perfectly. When you wad old cut up t-shirts into your hand and dab at approx. 100 miles an can't really get into the grooves. We tried our best...but you miss spots. SOOOO I got a tiny little paint brush (97 cents at Home Depot) and blotted and shoved it up into the corners! It turned out nicely. I think the best part is that my ceiling are CRISP WHITE and heavily it provides a great contrast.
3-Jeni-it was so fun to see you too! Ok...the tan color in Jaxson's room is Ralph Lauren BURLAP. Except I always have Kwal Howell mix the paint and match it...because the quality is sooo much better. I am having a momentarily lapse on the blue color. I want to say Nautical...from Ralph Lauren as well...but I will check for sure and get back to you!
4- Quick Tutorial: Like I mentioned...I have only faux painted with these specific colors...but it turned out great on many different base colors. I will take pictures and post what this same glaze looks like on a chocolate brown wall in my bedroom and an olive green wall in my laundry room. I am an idiot for not thinking to post those in the first place...especially because they show how versatile glazing with a chocolate brown can be. It created 3 different looks in just one jug. The glaze is pricey too...about 50.00 bucks a gallon...and then you have to buy pentenol and paint thinner. I love choosing a nuetral that can blend throughout the house...but still add a little something:) Oh...jarom would be SOOO embarrassed that I just said that. ha ha!
Cut up old T-shirts...or you can buy a box for like 15.00 bucks at Kwall Howell that work great. You literally wad them in your hands...dip in the glaze mixture (I gave specifics in #1) and quickly dab (on off on off...patting the wall hard and fast) and NOT TO MANY TIMES IN ONE PLACE. If you dab in the same place 2-3 times it will just remove what you put on...and looks terrible. I learned this the hard way:)
It is better to apply a thin coat and go back and add where you want darker (I did this many times) than to try and put too much on at once. Trust me. It also than you can watch for drips. I have some permanent little drippies in my master bedroom.
This glaze looks awesome on a chocolate brown wall. Everyone refers to my bedroom wall as the "LEATHER WALL". It does look like it has such a funky texture...but it is no different than the rest of my house!
I was terrified. I am not that if I did it, you should to.
You will love it.
more pictures...and posts coming soon:)
We've had a wedding...and the flu!


  1. Wow, the finish is absolutely stunning! I can't believe it was your first faux painting project - it looks so professional!

    And yes, the existing texture of the walls adds even more "special something" to the finish.

    Thanks for sharing - 5 stars!


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