Thursday, February 11, 2010

Faux Painting...TIPS!

I was so excited that so many people liked my FAUX PAINTING.
SO MANY e-mails...and a few nice comments. I am SO glad you liked it.
I wish I could take all the credit...but my wonderful new sister-in-law told me what to do.
She made me practice my technique and all:)
(I'm not sure it takes much technique to hit a wall as quick and fast as you can, but boy did I practice and pretend to know what I was doing?!?)
1-Yes my walls had texture PRIOR to me painting. I love textured walls...and I'm sure it helped with the whole antique look...but my texture isn't heavy so I don't think the dark spots you are seeing is becuase the glaze was in deep grooves, etc. I think the trick was the GLAZE I purchased. It was called RAW UMBER and I got it from KWAL HOWELL. The key is getting an oil-based glaze...and mixing it with a pint of pentonol (to avoid streaking) and paint thinner (so it goes on lighter and thinner).
2-Faux painting near the ceiling sucks. It's true. I taped it of (or kelsey, my patient helper, did) and she taped it off very very perfectly. When you wad old cut up t-shirts into your hand and dab at approx. 100 miles an can't really get into the grooves. We tried our best...but you miss spots. SOOOO I got a tiny little paint brush (97 cents at Home Depot) and blotted and shoved it up into the corners! It turned out nicely. I think the best part is that my ceiling are CRISP WHITE and heavily it provides a great contrast.
3-Jeni-it was so fun to see you too! Ok...the tan color in Jaxson's room is Ralph Lauren BURLAP. Except I always have Kwal Howell mix the paint and match it...because the quality is sooo much better. I am having a momentarily lapse on the blue color. I want to say Nautical...from Ralph Lauren as well...but I will check for sure and get back to you!
4- Quick Tutorial: Like I mentioned...I have only faux painted with these specific colors...but it turned out great on many different base colors. I will take pictures and post what this same glaze looks like on a chocolate brown wall in my bedroom and an olive green wall in my laundry room. I am an idiot for not thinking to post those in the first place...especially because they show how versatile glazing with a chocolate brown can be. It created 3 different looks in just one jug. The glaze is pricey too...about 50.00 bucks a gallon...and then you have to buy pentenol and paint thinner. I love choosing a nuetral that can blend throughout the house...but still add a little something:) Oh...jarom would be SOOO embarrassed that I just said that. ha ha!
Cut up old T-shirts...or you can buy a box for like 15.00 bucks at Kwall Howell that work great. You literally wad them in your hands...dip in the glaze mixture (I gave specifics in #1) and quickly dab (on off on off...patting the wall hard and fast) and NOT TO MANY TIMES IN ONE PLACE. If you dab in the same place 2-3 times it will just remove what you put on...and looks terrible. I learned this the hard way:)
It is better to apply a thin coat and go back and add where you want darker (I did this many times) than to try and put too much on at once. Trust me. It also than you can watch for drips. I have some permanent little drippies in my master bedroom.
This glaze looks awesome on a chocolate brown wall. Everyone refers to my bedroom wall as the "LEATHER WALL". It does look like it has such a funky texture...but it is no different than the rest of my house!
I was terrified. I am not that if I did it, you should to.
You will love it.
more pictures...and posts coming soon:)
We've had a wedding...and the flu!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Slacking already...

I haven't taken the time to post for a bit!
I need to be better about making the time:)
SOMETIMES I dread actually getting the pictures from my camera...TO...the blog!
Finish my faux painting
Manage to make some darling Valentine's Day Decoupage Frames
Put the final touches on Jaxson's Birthday Invites
I want to share the cutest Bridal Shower Poem that I read at my New Sister-in-laws shower!
I never thought I'd tackle something like this. I usually like to play it safe...(especially when it came to building my house)...I wanted Classy and traditional. Nothing that stampled it as "trendy" or "2009"....if you now what I mean.
My sister-in-law Kelsey talked me into giving it a whirl.
Base Color: Ralph Lauren BURLAP (except I had Kwal Howell match the color...because Kwal ROCKS). I then used a Amber colored Oil Based Glaze...wads and wads of cut up T-shirts...and Wahlah!
I truly love it. It makes the walls in my half bath, mud room area, and kitchen (above the cabinets) look more elegant I think. It adds dimension and makes them look marbled...don't ya think!
Super Easy!
You know you want to try!
Go for it...I loved the outcome...and Jarom was quit impressed!
I also found these wooden unfinished frames at Michael's and thought it was the perfect idea to whip up some cute Valentine's gifts. Print up some cute images of my little love bug and give them to grandma's! I also made a few for myself.
So easy and cheap enough to make for several holidays!
I stocked up...and am going to make some for Easter, the 4th and Christmas for sure.
I just mod podged scrapbook paper to the wood frame...sanded the edged, and used ink to darken edges to my liking. Took about an hour to make 5. Not bad at all!
I am excited to celebrate my little guy's birthday this March.
I am trying to be EXCITED instead of DEVASTATED:)
As I've mentioned's a Pirate Party!
It is fun for me, as his mom, to see him get so excited for something. He is really looking forward to it...and is always talking about it!
I put the final touches on his Invites.
In True Pirate Form...they are in a bottle!
I love how they turned out.
I designed a little invite and scrolled it up inside and filled the bottom with sparkley sand.
Finished with a Raffia bow and NOW we will be delivering them all by hand!
What have I gotten myself in to.
(Jaxson could not be more thrilled about the idea)
Invited scrolled inside!
Yes...I blocked out my address for your viewing pleasure!
5x7 invite for blog
Last but not least:
I threw a Bridal Shower a few weeks ago. I was sick of the same old shower games. Bingo, how well does the Bride know the Groom, etc. I wanted to find something cute and original. This is what I came up with...It was a hit!
I strung several panties (that fit the poem perfectly) from my mantle with clothes pins!
Also served as such a cute decoration for a added to the atmosphere and had everyone laughing and curious!
(poem below)
Bridal Shower Panty Poem
The Bridesmaids have a secret to share
About our little bride
she is ovsessed with underwear
and that we cannot hide
So for Our little panty queen
we gathered up some twine
and working as a friendly team
we made a panty line
So listen up to hear about
your lifelong panty plan
these underwear, we have no doubt
will last your whole life span
The first are for your wedding day
of course they are pure white
WE know Ryan will shout, Hooray!
When he sees you on that night
The next are for your honeymoon
They're sexy and all lace
WE hope you'll leave your hotel room
Because the Bahamas are a gorgeous place!
On Valentine's you'll wear this pair
Before you hit the bed
Cuz Cupid's arrow in the air
shoots tushies that are red
After a year has passed you'll face
anniversary nubmer one
With these you'll surely have a blast
Cuz leopard's so much fun
Then when the time is right for you
and don't be saying, "maybe"
you'll wear your little pink or blue
in honor of your baby
And when you years of wedding bliss
become the big 2-5
Don't worry-you'll just slip this on
to keep the sparks alive
When finally you're old and gray
with these you can't go wrong
'Cuz sorry Kelsey but at that age
You just can't wear a thong!
I, of course, gave her all the panties as part of her gift and a momento from the shower!
It was darling...and a lot of fun:)
My brother marries her in the SLC Temple THIS Friday. Wahoo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentines Countdown Box

I kind of combo'd 2 ideas in 1 on this little baby!

Valentine's Box and Countdown...with prizes if you're good!

How's that for a name. ha ha.

I am so stupid.
I also think it could be used as a great reward system to TEACH something you want them to learn:) I'm thinking simple chores and being a better listener! The list could be endless...but I need to focus on a few things at a time:) I feel like I repeat myself all day long...and I'm currently working full-time as his personal slave. Not kidding: wiping his butt, putting him on the pot to begin with, feeding him his lunch of macaroni and cheese bite by bite. I can't say no.

Such is motherhood I guess!

I remembered how much I loved making a Valentine's day box in elementary school...ya know, the ones your classmates would leave valentines in. SO I did it with Jaxson...


#1. Create a Valentine's Box.

We made a monster...using an empty kleenex box...and it was a piece of cake!

We built it for Family night this week...and Jaxson just died and went to heaven.

Kids love helping with things like that.

#2. We then spent an afternoon this week at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, etc....letting him point out the fun little prizes he wants from Cupid.

(Question AND story before I proceed!)

Question: Does cupid visit anyone else on the planet...or is that just us?

Story: My mom has some serious traditions when it comes to V-day. Maybe it's the sucker in her that can't for the life of her pass the Bright Red and Pink isles and decor that suck you in like a vaccuum at Walmart. That's what does it for me. It is impossible to avoid. Impossible. Anyhow, every V-day that I remember until 17 years of age...we'd randomly (while doing homework or eating dinner or watching TV, etc.) hear the door bell ring. When we'd go to answer...nobody would be there of course...but the porch was C.O.V.E.R.E.D!!! Red, pink, white balloons...candy...presents...shirts sporting every shade of V-day colors imaginable. Makeup, lipgloss and more candy. It was always fun.


That's one thing I cherish about growing up with Natalie Forsyth as my mother. She'd never disappoint on a holiday. Never. My mom knows how to celebrate a holiday...and make it a blast for her children:)


You know where I'm going with this.

I am her child.

I have no choice.

I was sucked into the "loving holidays more than life" category by blood...not by choice.

Therefore, Cupid is coming...and soon.

Ideas are bursting I tell ya.

I just decided that instead of spoiling him completley rotten only 6 short weeks after Christmas...and only 3 weeks before his Birthday...I would make him work for it a little:)


That's where the V-day box comes in!


I purchased 14 that each day of February...leading up to V-day we could do a countdown. Each day I want him to work on whatever I choose. If at the end of the day he has done it...(helped me pick up his room, did his alphabet flash cards, etc.) he get's to remove a number before bed. Kind of like an advent calendar.

Each morning when he wakes up...there will be a prize from Cupid in his box!

I found some of the cutest prizes...that I know he'll love.

Just little things....nothing to big or special.

I also got to thinking: if you don't want to spend 15-20 bucks (which is what it would most likely cost to buy 14 gifts, one for each day) I went onto and printed some cute Valentine's Day coloring pages. I've made a few little coupons for dates with his mommy: sledding at the park, helping me make sugar cookies, or renting a Redbox of his choice! You can get creative and do some pretty fun things that will make celebrating the holiday last all month long. It will also be much more meaningful and memorable for them!


I love holidays...because they always give you something to look forward to~

How awful would the months be without them.

...and how boring would visiting Walmart be without browsing the holiday section...


Don't even get me started on the 4th of July.

It's always been my favorite:)

Moving on....

I have another WONDFUL recipe to share!

It is the perfect meal for this time of year.

Quick (which I LUUUVE) and has lots of vegetables (which I LUUUVE because Jaxson will eat them when hidden in soup:). It is also, hands down, one of my all time favorite meals.

It is delicious, I promise.


All major grocery stores carry bread bowls throughout the winter...and is THAT much better in a bread bowl. OH...MY....GOSH.
In one pot...with NO water, combine:
4-5 diced potatoes (I eye-ball ever chunky I want my soup that day I guess)
Dice 4-5 sticks of celery (I also just guess-timate how much I want:)
1 can of corn...Liguid and all.
Chop some onion and throw it in as well (just enough for flavor...not so your eating chunks of onion:) I sometime use minced onion...because Jarom will gag if he eats one!
I also chop up a few carrots and throw it in. My mom grates them with a cheese grater and it gives the soup color and looks beautiful!
After all the veggies are in the pot...fill it with JUST ENOUGH water to cover the top of the veggies. Then boil until all of them are tender.
While boiling...get another saucepan...a LARGE one that will fit everything!
Melt 3/4 cup butter in the bottom
once melted, add 3/4 cup flour, continually stirring (this will make a thick thick paste)
then add: 1 quart Half-n-Half.
Wisk until it turns really thick.
You'll notice it change within 5-10 minutes.
Then pour the pot of veggies...and ALL THE WATER directly into the cream.
The water things out the thickness of the half-n-half and makes it the perfect consistency.
I then add tons of salt and pepper and rip up half a package of pre-cooked bacon and sprinkle it in at the very end. It only needs to heat add it last.
Serve in bread bowls!
I am FINALLY finishing my Faux painting touch ups in the mud room/half bath/laundry room area. I have been putting it off...but today is the day!
I had never tackled anything like this...but it turned out beautiful. FAR from perfect or professional...but me:)
I will post pics and give some tips: what TO DO and what NOT TO DO....this weekend! You should give it a adds so much to your house and is super easy!
check back Sunday!
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kids Craft/Party Favor. Learning Games. Decorating Fun!

I've been busy....

SEVERAL of my posts will be Pirate-esque until

March 7, 2010 is behind us. ha ha.


My little stinker's B-day party is around the corner and EVERYTHING I look at Screams:


It is completely exhausting:) ha ha.


EVEN my old moving boxes...the ones taking over the wall in my garage...proved useful last night!

Jarom...I would like to point at that this is proof...I can create something without spending $$$ lose:)

After my trip to hobby lobby yesterday I was pulling in the garage and noticed the ever growing "I'm too big to fit in your garbage can...but I'm most definitely GARBAGE" Pile...and I had this idea!


I was going to make Pirate swords:) go along with the mini treasure chests, eye patches, hooks, earrings, tattoos, spider pops and bag full of pinata candy that each child will get for helping us celebrate the big #3!....


I flattened out a single box and made Jarom draw (for some odd reason I am totally incapable of drawing even the most basic of shapes) a sword! I used it to template LOTS and LOTS.


Jaxson was really enjoying it and I thought it was super fun to have him get involved! All of these projects are making him so excited for his Party and I love that it will be memorable for him! Afterall, that's the only reason I do it!

jax with sword copy

stick on back

completed swords

The kids will get a kick out of it...especially the little BOYS...and a sword fight will most likely follow. Jax and I tested them out last night. They were a definitely a hit!

Oh how simple it is to please a toddler!

I'm thinking these will be one of the fun things they find hidden in the Treasure Chest.

I've written the cutest little Treasure Hunt ever...and I will be posting the link to the cutest pirate-ee clue cards for all of you!

***This party idea is so cute because it can easily be modified for any/all ages!***

Untitled-1 copy

text 2 copy


book holder copy



baseball bear






adding cards


I have the cutest

Valentine's Day Countdown/Reward box

that we've been making!

(Once Again....using crap I have laying THERE honey:)

....and possibly a few prizes from the dollar store...


Pictures coming Real Soon!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Started...

new text

First item on my List this month:

My Child is almost 3.

When I got over the Shock and Horror of that reality...I started planning his B-day Party that's coming up in March. I know I know...that is 2 MONTHS away...but the first step is admitting you're nuts...and I already did that:) I also love to do things FAR FAR FAR ahead of time. Instead of rushing to finish something in 2 weeks...I stretch the fun out and do little bits at a time when I want a project to work on.


I am CRRRAAAZYY for Birthday parties. Those who attended his 1st and/or 2nd know this quite well. Give me a THEME...and an opportunity to think of cheesy kid stuff and I run with it!


With a Birthday Party coming up I've had countless ideas running through my head! I swear...I could go all day with the cheesiest and funnest ideas that kids would love!

Only problem is that darn budget that keeps nagging at me.

His 3rd B-day is a Pirate Party!

His 1st was Baseball themed...and a blast!

His 2nd was a Construction party...and even more fun than the 1st!

I am thinking that this 3rd one will take the stay tuned:0

All the gross and scary and funny and dirty things you can think of combined into 2 hours of total Bliss:)

One of this weeks projects is constructing creepy, crawly gifts to find on the Treasure hunt...

spider pops copy

Not to mention:

Little to NO mess or cleanup...Cheap...and easy to prepare ahead of time.



Another fun project I've been working on this week has me looking ahead to this Fall...SMARTY PANTS PRESCHOOL will start this September and I have MONTHS of preparations ahead. It's going to be FUN, right? That's what I tell myself....

My wonderful friend Mandi will be helping me every step of the way...

file folders text copy

What You'll Need:

Regular File Folders (I bought a colored pack at walmart for 3.00)

Any ideas you have of Shapes, Patterns, Numbers, Counting, Alphabet, etc.

Envelopes & Glue


You will be laminating too!


The "Beautiful Butterflies" Game below teaches Patterning and Matching.

I printed 2 of each patterned butterfly and taped one of each to the inside of a folder. You then laminate the folder and glue an envelope on the back of the folder with 1 extra of each butterfly. Apply a small piece of velcro to each butterfly...and let them match them correctly!

IMG_8918 copy

"Perfect Pies" Game teaches Colors!

IMG_8919 copy

"Watermelon Numbers" teaches counting and Number Recognition!

They must count the watermelon seeds and velcro the correct numbered watermelon on the corresponding one inside!

IMG_8917 copy

Now for my favorite Easy and Quick Recipe. favorite dessert to make on Sunday evenings while we watch a movie!

recipe copy

You will love me forever after giving this a try!

It is super easy...and always a hit no matter where I take it.

I hate to give away this secret...but I will:)


I have countless people always asking...How do you make this? Oh my is SO good?!? How do you get the swirls inside the cake? It is sooo moist?

Now you can impress every party with not much more than an 88 cent cake mix!

You're Welcome:)


Last but not least...

I would normally post my pages on My Scrapbook Blog but I had to share this idea and tip for all you digiscrapbookers! I found this wonderful template on Sweet Shoppe...and it is the perfect way to get ALL THOSE CHRISTMAS PICTURES on a single page. I didn't want several layouts of just Christmas morning in my printed book...(and if you're anything like'll have HUNDREDS of pictures)!


This Template let me put over 30 pictures on one page in a cute design. Although I only have 1 child right now...this is the perfect design for families with several children!

(I made it small for posting purposes...but in a printed book it will be a full spread of (2) 12x12 pages side by side...I love how I didn't have to leave anything out!)

Christmas morning 2009

I hope you'll find some fun and new things to try...and you'll let me know which ones you've loved!

My goal for 2010 is to stay updated on all 3 blogs: Personal, Scrapbook and now this little venture! It should be fun...

Please leave comments with cute ideas you find as well...I will post them for everyone to try:)


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