Thursday, January 14, 2010

Valentines Countdown Box

I kind of combo'd 2 ideas in 1 on this little baby!

Valentine's Box and Countdown...with prizes if you're good!

How's that for a name. ha ha.

I am so stupid.
I also think it could be used as a great reward system to TEACH something you want them to learn:) I'm thinking simple chores and being a better listener! The list could be endless...but I need to focus on a few things at a time:) I feel like I repeat myself all day long...and I'm currently working full-time as his personal slave. Not kidding: wiping his butt, putting him on the pot to begin with, feeding him his lunch of macaroni and cheese bite by bite. I can't say no.

Such is motherhood I guess!

I remembered how much I loved making a Valentine's day box in elementary school...ya know, the ones your classmates would leave valentines in. SO I did it with Jaxson...


#1. Create a Valentine's Box.

We made a monster...using an empty kleenex box...and it was a piece of cake!

We built it for Family night this week...and Jaxson just died and went to heaven.

Kids love helping with things like that.

#2. We then spent an afternoon this week at the dollar store, Target, Walmart, etc....letting him point out the fun little prizes he wants from Cupid.

(Question AND story before I proceed!)

Question: Does cupid visit anyone else on the planet...or is that just us?

Story: My mom has some serious traditions when it comes to V-day. Maybe it's the sucker in her that can't for the life of her pass the Bright Red and Pink isles and decor that suck you in like a vaccuum at Walmart. That's what does it for me. It is impossible to avoid. Impossible. Anyhow, every V-day that I remember until 17 years of age...we'd randomly (while doing homework or eating dinner or watching TV, etc.) hear the door bell ring. When we'd go to answer...nobody would be there of course...but the porch was C.O.V.E.R.E.D!!! Red, pink, white balloons...candy...presents...shirts sporting every shade of V-day colors imaginable. Makeup, lipgloss and more candy. It was always fun.


That's one thing I cherish about growing up with Natalie Forsyth as my mother. She'd never disappoint on a holiday. Never. My mom knows how to celebrate a holiday...and make it a blast for her children:)


You know where I'm going with this.

I am her child.

I have no choice.

I was sucked into the "loving holidays more than life" category by blood...not by choice.

Therefore, Cupid is coming...and soon.

Ideas are bursting I tell ya.

I just decided that instead of spoiling him completley rotten only 6 short weeks after Christmas...and only 3 weeks before his Birthday...I would make him work for it a little:)


That's where the V-day box comes in!


I purchased 14 that each day of February...leading up to V-day we could do a countdown. Each day I want him to work on whatever I choose. If at the end of the day he has done it...(helped me pick up his room, did his alphabet flash cards, etc.) he get's to remove a number before bed. Kind of like an advent calendar.

Each morning when he wakes up...there will be a prize from Cupid in his box!

I found some of the cutest prizes...that I know he'll love.

Just little things....nothing to big or special.

I also got to thinking: if you don't want to spend 15-20 bucks (which is what it would most likely cost to buy 14 gifts, one for each day) I went onto and printed some cute Valentine's Day coloring pages. I've made a few little coupons for dates with his mommy: sledding at the park, helping me make sugar cookies, or renting a Redbox of his choice! You can get creative and do some pretty fun things that will make celebrating the holiday last all month long. It will also be much more meaningful and memorable for them!


I love holidays...because they always give you something to look forward to~

How awful would the months be without them.

...and how boring would visiting Walmart be without browsing the holiday section...


Don't even get me started on the 4th of July.

It's always been my favorite:)

Moving on....

I have another WONDFUL recipe to share!

It is the perfect meal for this time of year.

Quick (which I LUUUVE) and has lots of vegetables (which I LUUUVE because Jaxson will eat them when hidden in soup:). It is also, hands down, one of my all time favorite meals.

It is delicious, I promise.


All major grocery stores carry bread bowls throughout the winter...and is THAT much better in a bread bowl. OH...MY....GOSH.
In one pot...with NO water, combine:
4-5 diced potatoes (I eye-ball ever chunky I want my soup that day I guess)
Dice 4-5 sticks of celery (I also just guess-timate how much I want:)
1 can of corn...Liguid and all.
Chop some onion and throw it in as well (just enough for flavor...not so your eating chunks of onion:) I sometime use minced onion...because Jarom will gag if he eats one!
I also chop up a few carrots and throw it in. My mom grates them with a cheese grater and it gives the soup color and looks beautiful!
After all the veggies are in the pot...fill it with JUST ENOUGH water to cover the top of the veggies. Then boil until all of them are tender.
While boiling...get another saucepan...a LARGE one that will fit everything!
Melt 3/4 cup butter in the bottom
once melted, add 3/4 cup flour, continually stirring (this will make a thick thick paste)
then add: 1 quart Half-n-Half.
Wisk until it turns really thick.
You'll notice it change within 5-10 minutes.
Then pour the pot of veggies...and ALL THE WATER directly into the cream.
The water things out the thickness of the half-n-half and makes it the perfect consistency.
I then add tons of salt and pepper and rip up half a package of pre-cooked bacon and sprinkle it in at the very end. It only needs to heat add it last.
Serve in bread bowls!
I am FINALLY finishing my Faux painting touch ups in the mud room/half bath/laundry room area. I have been putting it off...but today is the day!
I had never tackled anything like this...but it turned out beautiful. FAR from perfect or professional...but me:)
I will post pics and give some tips: what TO DO and what NOT TO DO....this weekend! You should give it a adds so much to your house and is super easy!
check back Sunday!
Have a great day!


  1. hey! made the corn chowder today for dinner. it was really good!!! i love to try recipes that are tried and true...and easy. post more!! might take the fun out the project, but our little family has valentine pouches with our names on it from potterybarn kids. another great idea if others want to go that route. however, i just looked the other day to order one for ethan and i didn't see any...i hope they are selling them still!

  2. I have kind of a random question....How did you make your blog layout? I love how you have items down both sides and your header and pictures are huge.

  3. Anonymous,
    I had a friend who write HTML code, design a 3 column blog. I'm not THAT I begged:) Also...I change the size of all my headers and pictures in photoshop and upload them to flickr. In flickr it will let you choose a small, medium and large version of your pics...and I always copy and upload the LARGE code to my blogs. Thanks for the comment! Good luck:)



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